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about us

Searching for insurance plans and providers is just the start. You’ll need to weigh the available options, understand how to enroll and leverage hidden benefits, or perhaps change plans/providers if needed later.

With Beth Piper Insurance, you get all that done in one place with ease and convenience.

As a trusted and authorized agent, my top priority is to get you the insurance plan that is uniquely suited to you or your family. Essentially, I have no direct stakes in one insurance provider doing better than the other. But I am deeply invested in ensuring that you, my clients, get access to the right information, the behind-the-scenes news, and an optimized way of securing your insurance package.

our guarantee

With me, you’re guaranteed an experience that provides:


the amount you pay for your plan is the same, whether you go about it yourself or take advantage of my assistance. The difference? You don't waste your precious time/energy researching and sifting through the multitude of plan options. I will also review various scenarios you may not realize you will need to consider when making your plan selections.

Personalized Approach

When you enlist my service, I will hold a series of interactions that help me understand your circumstance in detail. As we move along, every decision will be based on an approach that’s customized to your care and wellbeing. My services do not end with your enrollment. I will continue to provide assistance in utilization and annual plan reviews.

Expert Supervision and Sound Advice

None of us are strangers to brokers and agents who rely too much on making sales and closing deals. While those are certainly elements of most modern exchanges, the ultimate purpose of your insurance plan should be your health and security. With years of experience in the industry and life-long clients under my care, I choose only to offer you industry-leading expertise and advice that's suited to your care.

Hassle-free Implementation

I will work hand in hand with you through the entire process. Guiding you from the initial thoughts of leaving your current insurance to application and enrollment as well as continued support in utilization of benefits. My services can be accessed in person, over the phone, or video conference.

I enjoy working with Beth. I wasn't sure of the process or how to get things started. For convenience, she offered a home visit, which I thought was amazing. She is really easy to talk to and she got to know my situation and priorities for health insurance. I feel confident in the insurance package she put together fo me. I continue to refer her to family and friends as someone trustworthy and knowledgeable.
Sharon B
In becoming eligible for Medicare, I was so so confused with all of the mail and calls I was getting. I didn't know where to start! Beth helped to simplify the process in choosing my plan. She also continues to help me understand how to access my benefits and has also assisted to resolve claims issues. She continues to help with all of my questions. I am ever so grateful.
Peggy O


Get accurate assessments of where and how Medicare will suit your case. I’ll ensure that your eligibility, enrollment processes, signing up, and enjoyment of benefits all happen with time to spare!

Individual Health Insurance

Considering the Affordable Care Act? I’ll take you through everything from enrollment coverage to subsidies so that you get a clear idea of what it offers, what it can accomplish, and how it can serve you.


There is a wide variety of expenses that often get overlooked (But you still end up paying) when you’re considering healthcare costs. Get access to a wide variety of ancillary products and secondary health coverage that will enhance your primary health insurance plan.

Life Insurance

Safely secure any and all financial commitments that arise when a loved one passes. Let’s talk about the varieties, types, and details that come with these plans. Once you’re initiated, I’ll help you choose the option that suits you best out of the many alternatives.